UPS systems are placed between the electrical source and the device(s).  They are able to isolate the system from outages, sags, spikes and other power events that can contribute to loss-time incidents and, more importantly, loss of business.

Un-interruptible Power Systems (UPS) are designed to serve as a backup battery for PC's or larger electrical installations during power shortages or other power events. UPS systems are placed between the electrical source and the device(s).

UPS systems in simple terms, provide extra time during such power problems and allow businesses to correctly save information and shut down equipment without the risk of a sudden shutout, and provide the time needed for other emergency backup systems to start.

There is a misguided belief that these circumstances apply only to businesses located in remote or difficult areas with unstable and irregular power systems or companies operating in less developed environments with unreliable power supplies. This belief is wrong and can lead to a loss of business continuity and the consequential loss of profit and customer satisfaction. A prime example to this misconception is the California power crisis, an advanced community as far as power goes, where we have been witnessing a shortage caused by administrative errors and grid overloads that has cost business es substantial financial losses due to loss-time events caused by power shortages.

The sheer power demand that has been placed on the power grid, alongside some disastrous environmental decisions by the State of California, have caused a massive overload on the power grid to the point where it simply can't cope with the demand.
Closer to home, in the United Kingdom, the floods we have suffered in recent times has also caused interruptions in power to some businesses that were not directly affected by the floods themselves. Whether caused by natural disasters, legislation errors or simple human error, power problems are often unpredictable and unexpected.
The risk of data loss, time-loss and loss of business continuity can be reduced by investing in a power solution.