Remote Monitoring

IPT offer remote monitoring of our power solutions. Remote monitoring enables all of the alarms and notifications from a UPS to be accessed remotely by your staff or our staff.



Services Overview

From PC protection to total business solutions. Our installations vary in size and nature with every job. Our engineers have carried out work ranging from small bypass switches and UPS



UPS Systems

Un-interruptible Power Systems (UPS) are designed to serve as a backup battery for PC's or larger electrical installations during power shortages or other power events.



Global Solutions

As approved partners of all the leading manufacturers in the power protection industry, we offer our customers impartial advice on what equipment to use for each job.



IPT has built and installed UPS solutions for the BBC world service in London, Isamabad, New Deli, Romania, Niarobi, Dakar, Nigeria & Jakarta.
IPT has supplied and installed UPS solutions for Ladbrokes .com offices in Gibralter
IPT has installed UPS solutions for Catarpillar within the UK
IPT has supported BT with their global operations by installing solutions all over the world.
  • Power Consulting


    Apart from being able to supply the right products we also offer full Consultancy and total project management.



  • Solution Assessment


    We offer full project management and site assessment



  • Program Management


    Program Management



Generator Hire & Supply
Backup Generator Power

Generators are designed to provide raw power during mains failure. An alternator, driven by an engine provides backup power to computers, telephone lines, air conditioning systems and other components that may be critical to your business.



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